Janina Fink was born in Lucerne and demonstrated her talent for the violin at the age of three. She began playing the violin early using the Suzuki method and quickly developed a passion for a diverse repertoire. In 2014, she began her Bachelor of Arts in Music with a focus on classical music and regularly attended workshops and master classes with renowned violinists such as Ivan Straus, Yair Kless, Detlef Hahn, Hansheinz Schneeberger, Aylen Pritchin, Valeriy Sokolov, and Oriol Sana. In 2019, she completed her Master's degree in Instrumental Pedagogy with a focus on classical music at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Music, under Professor Igor Karsko.


In her first Master's thesis, Janina Fink explored the topic "Mental Training with Children in Music Education," highlighting her deep connection to the pedagogical side of music. In her second Master's thesis, she sought communication and leadership models that function effectively as a bandleader in rehearsal contexts, aiming to provide a pleasant platform to enhance creativity and efficiency during rehearsals. Recently, she completed her second Master's degree in Jazz Performance, also at the HSLU – Music, under the guidance of Simon Heggendorn, Andreas Gabriel, Roland von Flüe, Roberto Bossard, and Nils Wogram.


Janina Fink's musical activities are extremely diverse, ranging from small band performances and self-organized concerts to orchestral performances on an international level. She performs an average of about 60 times per year. Janina is a member and occasional guest musician in various regionally and nationally known orchestras such as the Ars Excelsis Ensemble and the 21st Century Orchestra. With her duo JÄÄS, which she founded herself, she regularly performs at various events, developing her own musical language.


One of Janina Fink's passion projects is NEW BALKAN FOLK. In this project, she explores traditional Balkan folk music in an experimental way, incorporating jazz influences to create a reinterpretation of this musical genre.


In addition to her artistic work, Janina is also dedicated to teaching. She leads the folk music ensemble at the Zug Music School and teaches violin at the Kollegium St. Fidelis in Stans NW. She also provides ensemble and violin lessons at the Buochs NW Music School and the Rontal Music School. With her passion and talent, she inspires the next generation of musicians and actively contributes to musical education.